Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is a Subscription only site. To participate you must purchase a yearly subscription. The cost is currently $35.00 per year. Subscribers have access to forums, downloads, tutorials and special features. They may advertise their own kits or digital products in the Product Ads gallery for no additional charge.
Currently, the available tutorials are written for PhotoshopCS/2. There are Subscribers who are using the tutorials with Photoshop Elements 4, and Paint Shop Pro. However, you will need to know your software very well. Subscribers help each other, so assistance is available.
Before you can subscribe to this community, you are required to register. There is no cost to register.
While this community is designed specifically for those graphic artists who are selling their products, or those who are thinking about creating kits for sale to the public, it is open to anyone who wants to subscribe.


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