Monday, August 14, 2006

PhotoPlus 6.0

PhotoPlus is your number one choice for photo editing software and working with bitmap images for the web, multimedia, or the printed page. Once you've got your image into PhotoPlus, you can enhance and alter its appearance with a diverse toolkit of functions and effects.PhotoPlus 6 is incredible image editing software that enables you to create, manipulate, and enhance photographs, bitmap graphics, and web animations. All the tools you need are provided along with handy hints to enable you to achieve totally unique results.

Enterprise Architect's UML

Enterprise Architect's UML tools are the most flexible and powerful UML modeling tools for the Windows platform. An object oriented UML and business analysis tool for the full development life-cycle, Enterprise Architect provides the competitive edge for software development, project management, requirements management and business analysis - at a sensible price

Xara Xtreme

Although it's primarily known as a vector-drawing program, Xara Xtreme has capabilities that extend into photo-editing and animation, making it a great all-round tool for the creation of web graphics. Optimised for quick learning and rapid workflow, this is a deceptively powerful package.""Importantly, Xara seems committed to maintaining its software's innovative edge.

Easy Graphics Software

SmartDraw is the easy drawing software that allows you to quickly and easily create all kinds of great-looking drawings, charts, graphs, and illustrations — even if you have no drawing skill at all!SmartDraw gives you thousands of ready-made templates and specialized symbols that you simply drag and drop onto the page.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Graphics Challenge: Abstracts

The idea is to take shapes from the starting images and create a new image.Use a collage or mosaic style, or however you wish. Take your time and use your imagination.All levels of users are welcome, it's a great way to experiment, and learn from yourself and others.Use your imagination to create an image based on this theme, using any graphics software you like. Then post your completed images as a reply in this thread and tell us a little bit about what software and techniques you used.

This is a Subscription only site. To participate you must purchase a yearly subscription. The cost is currently $35.00 per year. Subscribers have access to forums, downloads, tutorials and special features. They may advertise their own kits or digital products in the Product Ads gallery for no additional charge.
Currently, the available tutorials are written for PhotoshopCS/2. There are Subscribers who are using the tutorials with Photoshop Elements 4, and Paint Shop Pro. However, you will need to know your software very well. Subscribers help each other, so assistance is available.
Before you can subscribe to this community, you are required to register. There is no cost to register.
While this community is designed specifically for those graphic artists who are selling their products, or those who are thinking about creating kits for sale to the public, it is open to anyone who wants to subscribe.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Graphic Tools

Web-based tools and online services for creating and working with graphics. Most of these sites offer free utilities for creating image effects, optimizing images, creating animated Web banners, buttons, logos, and more. No need for desktop software... just upload your images and save the results to your computer.

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